Feeling the Rain as brand since 1997, is located in Hungary.

Self-designed umbrellas, raincoats, umbrellas, tents and sun marquees company is now nationally known for its dealers and customers.

Products in the European Union can be found in many countries.

We manufacture and produced models, each year new colors, glittering fazonokban, following the current trends and customer needs.

The products in wide range of colors, shapes and sizes available range. People of all ages and habits required to do sell products. Our company is planning not only for adults, but the little ones, the children can think of their size are also made their raincoats and umbrellas.

Who has not been in a position to suddenly started to rain. In this case, a very good feeling when the bag or in the car is the umbrella or rain jacket and you do not get wet.

In the summer, the hot sun rays of the sun umbrellas and tents provide secure protection.

Events, and the outlets pavilonsátrainkat recommend that handy, quick assembly and fold-made solutions. Event tent here to read more

Our products include high visibility vests are also are now essential in transport, whether bicycling, an evening stroll, and the rules in the car also required to keep a piece of it.

For those who like a little more special umbrellas are, they can find the best option for them, between the decorative umbrella.

Our products have a wide range of view in Budapest on the street Monori 1-3. number, with 100m2 showroom's professional skills and kind our servers are at your disposal.

We welcome you, please visit us!
You can buy quality products Rain Feeling!

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